Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Andrea Niles, postdoctoral fellow.

We are now welcoming applications for postdoctoral fellows who have interests overlapping with those of THRIVE Lab. We are particularly interested in fellows who have interest and expertise in traumatic stress, posttraumatic stress disorder, sex differences, women’s health, neuroimaging, bioinformatics, stress research, anxiety disorders, threat sensitivity, or immunology.

There are a variety of funding options for these fellowships, including joining the team for existing grant-funded projects in the lab and applying for individual fellowships, including:


The San Francisco VA Advanced Fellowship in Mental Illness Research and Treatment


The Women’s Health Advanced Research Fellowship


Please reach out to Dr. Aoife O’Donovan with your CV if you are interested in pursuing a postdoctoral fellowship at THRIVE lab. You can email her at [email protected].