Referrals and Resources

Resources for Researchers:

Do you want to personalize threatening stimuli for a trauma-exposed population? THRIVE Lab's Dr. Andrea Niles and Dr. Aoife O'Donovan have published such an algorithm and Dr. Niles has made it available for your use.

  • Use the algorithm here
  • Niles, A.N. & O'Donovan, A. (2018). Personalizing affective stimuli using a recommender algorithm: An example with threatening words for trauma-exposed populations. Cognitive Therapy and Research, In Press.

Bay Area referrals and resources that provide evidence-based therapy for PTSD: 

Please note that we cannot vouch for any of these resources, but you may find them useful.

Sites are sorted by region. Please select a region of interest and you will find a page of private practices and community treatment centers in that area.